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Benefits of Konjac

      The benefits of porang are mainly for industry and health, because of the glucomannan content in the tuber flour

      Contains high carbohydrates

          The taste is neutral so it is easy to mix and match with various ingredients as raw materials for traditional and modern cakes

          porang can be used as an ingredient in glue, gelatin, noodles, tofu, cosmetics, and bread.

          reduce cholesterol levels

     Konjac as dietary fiber in large quantities can increase the body’s resistance to various diseases such as colon cancer, diverticular, cardiovascular, obesity, high cholesterol in the blood.



Benefits of Konjac

  • Prevent Diabetes

The content of glucomannan in porang plants has a positive impact on preventing diabetes. Because, glucomannan can lower blood sugar levels that are too excessive.

There are various ways to consume it, one of which is mixed with other ingredients such as ginseng so that the benefits will be more.

  • Purify Water

If you often face the problem of dirty and cloudy water, then porang can be used as a solution as a natural purifier. The content of glucomannan in porang plants is effective in cleaning water and making it clear again.

  • Become a Raw Material for Industrial Goods

The content in porang tubers can also be used as an adhesive. Therefore, many industries use it to make environmentally friendly paper and glue adhesives.

Even the manufacture of paper can also be made from porang. In addition, the content of glucomannan in porang is often used as a mixture for wall paint, cotton cloth, cloth polish, wool cloth, capsules, parachutes and various imitation materials.

  • Thicken Ice Cream

Glucomannan which is converted into konjac flour is often used as a thickening agent in foods and beverages, one of which is ice cream. Konjac flour can thicken ice cream when mixed into ice cream.

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